20th century

The iconic kiss on Time Square (1945)

“Kissing the War Goodbye” by U.S. Navy photo journalists Victor Jorgensen

On today´s International Kissing Day I cover the story behind the photograph called “V-J Day in Times Square” by Alfred Eisenstaedt.
A kiss can have many meanings: joy, love, victory, passion, power etc. This very kiss changed its meaning: For a long time it was seen as a symbol of victory and romance but nowadays some see sexual assault in it.
But why?

Basic knowledge

The History of Blood Transfusion

Do you have any idea why the 14th June happens to be the World Blood Donor Day? Well, it´s Karl Landsteiner´s birthday. But who is Karl Landsteiner and what is his role in the history of blood transfusion.

20th century Doctor of the Week Nobel Prize

Gerty Cori – the first female Nobel Prize winner

Gerty Cori after facing a lot of obstacles, the highpoint of her career was her Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1947 – as first woman. Just 2 women won a Nobel Prize in science before: Marie Curie and her daughter Iréne Joliot-Curie.

19th century Outdated Theories

“Fear” the bicycle face

On today´s World Bicycle Day I want to cover a “medical” issue in the 19th century: the so-called “bicycle face”.
Today cycling is appreciated for its positive effect on the climate and the human´s health. In the late 19th century it was seen as a health risk for women. But why?


3 queens & 1 diagnosis: breast cancer

On today´s International Day of Action for Women’s Health I want to address a very important and personal topic: breast cancer. As about a year ago my beloved granny died on breast cancer.

Doctor of the Week Nobel Prize Vaccine

Emil von Behring – from village kid to the 1st Nobel Prize winner

Emil Behring sitting.

Emil Behring (1854-1917), the “saviour of children”, the “saviour of soldiers”, local politican, 1st Nobel Prize of Physiology or Medicine winner and nobleman (both since 1901), Geheimrat (since 1903) and successful businessman. That is what Behring achieved in his life. But he was also a troubled character aiming for recognition.

Outdated Theories

When homosexuality was an “illness” …

On today´s International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia and exactly 30 years after homosexuality was removed from the International Classification of Disease of the WHO, I want to point out how medical research contributed to today´s homophobia.

Doctor of the Week

Edward Jenner, the smallpox vaccine hero

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In the 18th century England Edward Jenner (1749 –1823) played an essential part in the development of the smallpox vaccine: Furthermore, he coined the terms “vaccine” and “vaccination”.

20th century WWII

NS-Medicine and its end 75 years ago

A cold water experiment at the KZ Dachau

NS-medicine is an example for the special condition war and/or a totalitarian regime offers to medical personnel and even more that medical research has its dark sides, which make the consideration of ethics so essential.


When advocating for washing hands ended in a lunatic asylum

On today´s World Hand Hygiene Day I want to tell you the story on how hand washing became known as essential method in fighting infectious diseases.